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Live albums from WHITSNAKE are a double-edged sword since mastermind David Coverdale is known for ‘correcting’ things that didn’t sound well live on stage, in particularly his vocals. I can’t judge how authentic “Made In Japan” really is since I wasn’t at the band’s show at Loud Park-festival in October 2011. However, the 66 minutes of music on this album sound powerful and entertaining. The set consisted of several classics and tracks from the band’s last studio album, “Forevermore”, which fit really well. The bonus CD contains soundtrack and acoustic versions.





Release:        25-02-2013
Origin:            France
Length:          40:54

It doesn’t matter if they call themselves S.U.P.; Spherical Unit Provided, SUP or Supuration. As long as they continue their own style and unique death doom emotional metal, my corpse will forever dwell within these four … three walls.

Number 3 of the “Cube” series and number 9 if you consider all albums and names as one band. France it is and as with French cheese, French bread and French metal: it is different, it is unique and it is weird. This also counts for the third cube.

Since I am complete familiar with the band and their entire discography, I don’t consider them as strange, but as one of my favourite (death) metal bands. So probably my cube is already coloured and not completely impartial.

This third album can be put and listened effortlessly against the first cube. Songs, ideas, structures, sound and vocals are similar and most important transferring same feelings and mixed emotions. After wandering and wondering through the cube more often, I also hear echoes and anomaly images of the S.U.P. period of the band and might be able to label the cube as a second room seven. All in all Supuration is still able to catch up and continue their hegemony within the death doom genre.

Listen to songs as “Consumate” or “The Incongruents” and every one familiar with the band will agree that it sounds like the old school days. As mentioned my view is tinted, but when you are not moved and touched by this band and their music, you better should leave the cube.

Three times the right album! Fortunately a cube has four walls, so one more to construct!





Release: 01-03-2013
Origin: Germany
Length: 1:07:35

The title of the new Chaos Invocation album couldn't be better to describe their black metal style of music. Over an hour of well produced and reflected black metal music, that is showing the well copied images of the greatest masters of the genre.

Before we take a look at the image of this new appearance, we first watch behind the mirror to discover the origin of this band. Germany it is and innovating since 2004 the black metal scenery. Five years later the first outward was presented by "In Bloodline With The Snakes". Since this is my first seeing of the band, I am not familiar with this album and their older aspects.

So let's face this new outlook externally. As mentioned before ,while listening to this second album immediately Watain and Marduk are surfacing the picture. Two of the well known and genre defining bands for the last decade. Chaos Invocation are musically and sound wise a true and perfect reflection of these bands. Mainly guitar lines, song structures and the voice of M. are representing the finest hours of Watain. On the other side Marduk, since their Mortuus transformation, are also well rendered. The outstanding atmospheres, blasting speed parts and the diverse musical and vocal additions are fitting images of this Plagued Angel.

At last the illustration is colored with German black metal ideas like Lunar Aurora, Nocte Obducta and Dark Fortress for example. When you take a look in the mirror you will probably discover more details and similarities.

To complete the image: Chaos Invocation has come up with an interesting and enjoyable piece of black metal art. Not defining the genre, but still worth to have a closer look.

German black metal that is invocating chaotic and reflecting images of great art.



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