Release: 02-03-2015
Origin:    Poland
Length: 39:02

Like vodka running through Russia, like beer running through Germany, like whisky running through Ireland, in Poland it looks like death metal is running through their veins…

This also counts for Neolith from Poland, which can already look back at almost 25 years of death metal history, but still are more mortal than ever with their 4th full length album. Being influenced by Poland’s most famous and eldest band Vader and the later Behemoth, but also intoxicated by Polish bands like Hate and Decapitated, Neolith have poisoned and enriched their death metal with electronics and other genre-strange effects and influences.

60% Polish technical death metal brewed with an extremely 10% aggressive black metal topping and mixed with an estranging 30% of Nocturnus alike keys and even techno traces completes this marvellous drink. Available at any Polish bar, but nowadays also in the rest of the world.

Very well brewed and bottled by Arek Malczewski with a pure and marvellous taste, keeping in mind the power and the diversity of this deadly mixture.

When death metal and drinking, what a combination, is your habit, than buy “IZI.IM.KURNU-KU” now.

Cheers till death! Not for the weak and stubborn! Neolith dares to take death metal beyond its maximum percentages!



Einherjer - Av oss, for oss

Indie Recordings 2014

Einherjer is a band with great quality although not often circulate albums. With a 22 year career (Einherjer was formed in 1993) “Av Oss, For Oss” is bands 6th full length. Nonetheless each of these releases are exceptional samples of True, Epic Heavy Metal.

“Av Oss, For Oss” continues the leading tradition handing over nearly 50 minutes of typical but still exemplary Viking, Epic,True Metal. The album includes everything firmly holding the attention including epic and almost cinematic atmospheres, random sampling folk sounds here and there, authentic Norwegian lyrics performed by controlled blackened & metalized vocals. Multitude of classic heavy metal guitar tunes intersperse the heroism of epic romance! Reasonably, without placing unnecessary stuff “Av Oss, For Oss” is a tight exponential album of heroic Epic Metal.

Of course not looking forward for sophisticated convulsions. Not really. Einherjer remain faithful to doctrinal line of absolute Viking, Epic, Heavy Metal. Each song has a certain flow, and the transition from one to the other is to normalcy. Do not expect major differences between songs. The pieces are of similar consistency but the album does not tire, contrariwise is enthralling!

“Av Oss, For Oss” is a semi-typical, perfectly written, article on Viking pentagram, highly inspirational with true Nordic philosophy.

An unbiased donation for any true lover of Viking Saga!

Ian "Wood Of Magic"




Release: 06-03-2015

Origin: Portugal

Length: 45:39

“Breathe” is the first song of the new Moonspell album. How suitable with an influenza, a huge headache, lots of snot and coughing my lungs up in the air. All needed is some more relaxing and easy listening pop metal as a good medicine to guide my opium fever(ed) dreams. What better narcotic to calm your senses than this new Moonspell album.

Their eleventh one and musically more open and pop(ular) orientated than ever. Together with their former label mates Tiamat, both Moonspell and Tiamat were more open minded throughout the years by adding interesting non-metal influences to their music. In the case of Moonspell this has led to very interesting and listenable albums, which crossed borders from black metal to attractive pop(ular) song structures, that are stuck in your head for days. Like snot at the moment.

„Extinct” is not an exception and a logical follow up. Even more catchier and song orientated than ever. Very well produced, nicely packaged and playing it safe all along the way. This also displays my personal doubt, while Moonspell came up with some fantastic albums that combined a darkened black orientated atmosphere with great melodies and song structures. Take "Night Eternal" for example and their classic „Irrigelous”. This latest “Extinct” is therefor way to safe and standardised!

Overall an relaxing album to listen and to enjoy… and without a doubt Moonspell and recognizable for every second. Like an influenza that caught you, Moonspell also does. Maybe I am mesmerizing, while hallucinations are mixing it with reality.

Darkened pop metal, but in the end less exciting than their last releases.



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